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Walk in the Cool

Walk In The Cool [kindle edition]
‘Even on a stretch of African savanna, the whipcrack of
a .375 Holland and Holland Magnum is fearsome.
In Beverly Hills, it was a great sound effect.’

One evening in Beverly Hills, Thomas finds himself being shot at by his drunk parents. Bearing the same name as his father, he gathers up their first class air tickets and traveller’s cheques, and leaves for Africa.
On his way through the early morning streets of Los Angeles, he meets Shade.She is a poet, and part time lingerie model, escaping from her father.
In the Kalahari desert of Southern Africa, they meet Albert, a gentle instant photographer and lost adventurer. The three find a family when they encounter a small group of 

Walk in the Cool [Paperback]
Bushman hunter gatherers, who have also had their share of abuse, as
a people. Together, they have to make a stand against the seemingly well-intentioned Soresen.
He acts for an exploration company and aid organization,which would
dispossess the Bushmen of their land, and way of life.
Even if it costs lives.


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