Black, White and Khaki – The unsung and forgotten heroes of the 2nd Anglo Boer War.

Black, White & Khaki, our 3 part documentary on the unsung and forgotten heroes and participants in the 2nd Anglo Boer War. With dramatised sequences of the Battle of Talana Hill, SpionKop and Magersfontein, and the Concentration Camps, this series recognises and remembers those many black, coloured, Indian and foreign combatants and non combatants caught up in a war that was not theirs.

Until fairly recently, the infamous concentration camps set up by the British during the 2nd Anglo Boer War were often cited as responsible for the deaths of over 29,000 Boer women and children.

Records of so-called black concentration camps have since added to these numbers, with at least 24,000 black people dying in camps. There were likely more, as record keeping was poor.
This documentary series recognises and remembers those who gave their lives in the camps, both black and white, and records for posterity, their passing.

This 3 part documentary is available on Vimeo:

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